Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Top Picks for CMCC#94!

A big thank you to everyone who played along with our challenge this week! We so enjoyed visiting your blogs and checking out your projects.

Now onto this week's Captivator as chosen by Ren...

Rachel Palmieri

Ren's Pick: Rachel's box card brought out the burst of this week's colour so beautifully!


  1. Thank you, Antonia for selecting my card! You made my day! Congrats to ALL the winners! Great challenge! LOVE Colour Me...! XX

  2. Thanks, Valentyna, for choosing my card for an honorable mention! I always enjoy the Colour Me...! challenges.

  3. Thanks so much for the pick Ren, they were such fun colours to work with!

  4. Thank you for choosing my card as a colour connoisseur this week. Congratulations Rachel for having your card chosen - those 'card in a box' cards are always so fun and yours is fantastic! Also congrats to all whose cards were chosen for connoisseur - I think it would be so hard to decide every week.

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